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Level Up is a useful aid to practice consistent gun mount. Fine tune your stealth plate pro setup. A level rib can increase shot to shot consistency, whereas a pitched rib can cause your pattern to be biased in the direction your rib is tilted.

Level Up by Stealth Plate Pro

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Level Up by Stealth Plate Pro

How to use the Level Up

Level Up by Stealth Plate Pro

Shotguns naturally shoot "upwards" to counteract the effects of gravity. A tilted rib has the effect of "throwing" shot in the direction of tilt. A severe tilt can bias your pattern making those hard right or hard left shots more difficult. The higher your gun shoots, the more pronounced this effect can be.

After adjusting your stealth plate pro for maximum comfort use this tool to adjust the pitch of your rib to "0.


1. Attach Level Up device near the muzzle of your shotgun directly behind the front bead.


2. Close your eyes and mount the shotgun as normal.


3. View the level to determine any needed adjustment in  your Stealth Plate Pro.

4. Slightly turn the pad of your Stealth Plate Pro in the opposite direction of the bead.

  • Counterclockwise for a bead to the left.

  • Clockwise for a bead to the right.


Repeat process until you consistently observe the bead is in the center.



2-3/8" Wide

2-1/8" Tall

3/4" Thick

Weight: 1 oz

Maximum clamped distance: 4-1/2"

Pocket sized


Self clamping action with light force.
The elastic soft clamping action accommodates high rib, low rib, over/under, single barrel and small gauge shotguns.
Accommodates rib/barrel combos as tall as 4-1/2 inches.
Weighs just one ounce.
Simply stretch the two shells apart, place over rib/barrel and gently release shells.  
Will not mar or scratch your shotgun.
Each line represents 1/2 a Degree of tilt with 5 degrees maximum.


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