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Video courtesy of Jon at Shot Co. Pro

Ricky & Zach at Trap Talk Podcast

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How to Adjust your Stealth Plate Pro


Plate has three adjustment holes for the guide pin at the bottom of the unit: right one is for righthand,  left is for left-hand and middle is for 1/2 adjustments.


Guide pin has a dovetail head and fits into the grid that also has a dovetail. When tightened, it draws the pad tight to the buttstock and also will not let the pad rotate.


Loosen the main lock screw 2 or 3 turns to release lever. Let the plate move to the bottom. Plate will move to the right (pin in right hole) into 3 grids, choosing one for desired toe out. Move plate up 1/8" to engage grid and then tighten main lock screw to engage lever and guide pin for maximum down adjustment. Pin must be in grid for maximum lock performance.

To remove the pad, loosen the main lock screw until threads are disengaged. Let plate move to bottom and then lift pad off. Guide pin must be in horizontal cut above grid to remove or adjust.

Unit may be rotated to remove drop at heel, but a new access hole to main lock screw must be made.

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